The Elements


Everything in nature is made up of the basic elements: air, fire, water and earth. Knowledge of the elements allows us to understand the laws of nature and to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

The balance of the elements inside the body can be continually regulated according to our needs through the food we take in, the cultivation and management of Prana (internal energy) and our interaction with the physical world.

Join us in cultivating the feeling states of the four elements as we purify the body, mind and soul.



We take air in and breathe air out, feeding our bodies with up to 30,000 cycles per day. And yet, we often don't recognize this element as nourishment. Consider however, that you can go 3 weeks without food (earth) and 3 days without water, but you can only go 3 minutes without air. The air element resides inside the heart chakra, (Anahata) the place of our true nature and in our most natural state, we are joyful.

Affirm: I am the expression of divine movement in all forms.



Water is the energy of our creativity. It represents our ability to adapt and go with the flow, helping to soften our hardened edges and connect us with our inner essence, beyond the physical form. Our inner ocean is a reflection of the vast oceans that are moved by the moon.

Affirm: Affirm: I am a vehicle for the universal current of creation.



We have to stoke the inner fire enough so that the flames do not weaken, but not so much that we "burn out" and consume all of our physical, mental and emotional resources. Excessive fire can manifest as ego -- we push too hard or chase a particular outcome. When in balance, the fire element supports healthy, steady strength and a slow heating from the inside out. Agni (Fire) is the energy of transformation.

Affirm: I am the transforming power of the primordial fire.



Connect to the earth element by letting everything go to gravity. This magnetic, earthly pull of consciousness supports the energy of manifestation where we put ideas into action. Earth is present inside all the structures of the body, from cellular structures to organs, muscles and bones. It establishes the foundation upon which transformation can occur, like the sand beneath a beach bonfire.

Affirm: I am the container for all forces in nature.